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One of the best ways to gain followers in TikTok is to make use of the trends and keep up with them. By including trends into your content, you allow for your account to become much more relatable, and therefore more people will be interested in your content. When making use of trends make use you do so quickly as they are constantly changing.

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  • Your other profiles should be a springboard to increase the number of followers on your new TikTok profile. 7. Collaborate With Other TikTokers. Including other people in your videos occasionally enriches the content and, in addition, if that person already has a certain number of followers, it will help boost your profile. Overall, there are lots of ways to get followers on TikTok. The most effective of these is releasing fun, engaging content regularly and consistently. The methods we have explained above will help you grow your follower count on TikTok. Focus on creating content regularly and discovering your target audience.

    How to get followers on tiktok

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    Once you reach 100 followers, you unlock TikTok Analytics. It’s a free-to-use tool that can help you further understand your audience’s behavior, likes, dislikes and more. You can also gauge what your audience digs by simply asking them. Polls, questions and calls to action can help you peel back the curtain and get into your followers.